Welcome to Hill Country Muscle Activation!  H.C.M.A.  is located in the Heart of the Hill Country, Frederickbsburg, Texas.  Jeff West is a Certified practioner in Muscle  Activation Techniques.  In addition, he has received specialized training in Neurotarget/In-balance techniques, Douglas Heel’s Be-Activated (Neuro-lymphatic Activation), Dr. Tennant’s Biomodulator and utilizes the Therastim (now known as ARP Wave) for rehabilitative situations.

Hill Country Muscle Activation is the first to provide Muscle Activation Techniquies services to the greater San Antonio area.

 I will be updating new information so that you can make informed decisions about how Hill Country Muscle Activation may play a part in your future. We are here to get you back to what you enjoy doing or even improve what you are already doing!

Muscle Activation, alternative health, holistic health, performance training